Rally Safety

Know Your Protest Rights!

From the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

  1. You do not need a permit to protest in response to breaking news and you don’t need a permit to march in the streets or on sidewalks as long as you’re not obstructing traffic or access to buildings.
  2. When you are lawfully present in any public space, you have the right to photograph anything in plain view, including federal buildings and the police.
  3. If you believe your rights have been violated, when you can, write down everything you remember, get contact information for witnesses, and take photographs of any injuries.
  4. If you get stopped by the police, ask if you are free to go. If they say yes, calmly walk away.
  5. If you get arrested, you have a right to ask why. Otherwise say you wish to remain silent and ask for a lawyer immediately. Don’t sign, say, or agree to anything without a lawyer present.

Rally Safety

  1. Use the Buddy System
    • Have a Plan for if you get separated
    • Have a Plan for if you need to disperse and get to safety
  2. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings
    • Be Mindful
    • Use your “panorama vision”
  3. DO NOT ENGAGE Hecklers or Counter-Protesters
  4. Bring snacks, water, sunscreen/hat
  5. Dress for the weather; layer as appropriate for the temperature

More tips from “It’s Pronounced Metrosexual

A Note on Safety and Privilege – Adapted From Indivisible Project

“We do not always know how [the opposition will respond to responsive and direct actions], but we have seen enough to be very concerned that minorities will targeted or singled out. Plan your actions to ensure that no one is asked to take on a role that they are not comfortable with—especially those roles that call for semi-confrontational behavior—and be mindful of the fact that not everyone is facing an equal level of threat. Members of your group who enjoy more privilege should think carefully about how they can ensure that they are using their privilege to support other members of the group. If you are concerned about potential law enforcement intimidation, consider downloading your state’s version of the ACLU Mobile Justice app to ensure that any intimidating behavior is captured on film.”

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