2022-07-22 Call To Action: Marriage Equality and Access to Contraception

From Indivisible National:

On July 19th & 21st, 2022, the House passed two critically important bills: the Marriage Equality Act & the Right to Contraception Act, which will codify into federal law the rights for same-sex marriage and access to contraception. Both garnered every single Democrat voting in support of the bills, and unsurprisingly mostly all but a handful of Republican Congress Members voted against the bills.

In the Dobbs decision from the extreme far-right Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas made the Courts’ intent clear, they are going to continue striking down fundamental rights like access to contraception, gay marriage, and much more. This is why Congressional action to codify those rights into federal law is extremely important!

Now, we need the Senate to take up the House-passed bills and pass them immediately!

It’s important that we are honest with you: It is going to be very difficult to get 10 Republican Senators to vote for these bills, in order to circumvent the Republican filibuster. HOWEVER, we know that certain Republicans understand that voting against access to contraception and protections for same-sex marriage would be extremely unpopular and they would face backlash from their constituents. That’s why a handful of Republicans in the House voted with Democrats on these bills. We need you to let them know you are watching!

ICGO: Call Senators Wyden and Merkley

Let them know you want them to pass the Marriage Equality Act and the Right to Contraception Act immediately. We can’t afford to wait while our fundamental rights are being stripped before our very eyes, like with abortion rights.

  • Wyden
    • Portland: (541) 326-7527
    • DC: (202) 224-5244
  • Merkley:
    • Portland: (503) 326-3386
    • DC: (202) 224-3753

Script Ideas:

Keep it short & sweet. If the offices are. fielding a lot of calls, you may not get much time. Be prepared to give your name and zip code and a concise description of the action you want your senator to take:

“This is Jane Doe from zip code 97031. Please tell Senator Merkley/Wyden to vote for the Marriage Equality and Access to Contraception Acts!”

Easy, peasy, right?

Did You Take Action? Let Us Know!

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